More human healthcare. Powered by AI.


Alphaiota is powering the future of Saudi healthcare by investing, localizing and deploying transformational AI solutions for better, faster and more human patient care.

Healthcare AI

Healthcare is being disrupted and transformed by AI. Around the world, AI is rapidly expanding what is possible and unlocking new capabilities for healthcare provision.


An ambitious vision for AI & better healthcare in the Kingdom.

SDAIA is spearheading this transformation, with a clear strategy to develop capabilities, attract talent and invest SAR 2 billion by 2030 drive growth and fulfil the Kingdom’s potential.

For its key role in creating a stronger and safer society, healthcare has been identified as a priority sector of SDAIA’s strategy.

SDAIA’S Strategy Targets by 2030

Our role

Alphaiota is helping to establish Saudi Arabia as the leading regional healthcare AI hub. In close collaboration with SDAIA and NCP, Alphaiota is harnessing AI to elevate patient care in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Founded in early 2021 by an experienced and growing team of technology and healthcare leaders, we sit at the heart of a dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystem.

We represent the best in leading-edge global healthcare AI and working hand-in-hand with government, industry, academia and entrepreneurs to localize and apply tech to:

  • Elevate diagnostic precision
  • Enhance patient care
  • Enable more human healthcare in the Kingdom

Our leadership

  • Thamir AlBallaa

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Waddah Albassam

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Imad Mousa

    Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

  • Kamal Zeidan

    Chief Operating Officer

Alphaiota invests, localizes and deploys leading global healthcare AI solutions in the Kingdom.

Alphaiota is working to develop, activate and energize a vibrant and innovative healthcare ecosystem across the Kingdom and wider region, drawing on the full capabilities of our global, regional and Saudi network.

By investing, localizing and connecting the cutting-edge capabilities of our portfolio of global healthcare AI players with the vision of the Kingdom and needs of our customers, we are set to transform the healthcare sector – for the better and forever.

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